Viktoriya Filina

Once, on New Year’s Eve, when we lived in India, in a city with the magic name Arambol, the children asked to tell a story before going to bed. So I started creating a story about three mice. Children liked the idea! I was telling it to them for a whole month, every night. The idea to write a fairy tale came only at thirtieth day. I did not remember all the stories, but I recorded 11 stories and the first book «Bag with mice” turned out this way. In Arambol I drew a picture of a bird, which later became the cover of the Russian edition of “Magic colors of Rinia».

Then new fairy tales appeared and the children took part in them. They invented names.

When a woman gives birth to a child, she seems to become a storyteller. My family is a family of travelers. We have been traveling in Asia for several years. I am a happy woman, a mother of a wonderful girl Veronika, who draws a lot, laughs, enjoys life and says that she has a rainbow in her! My son Nikita is a bright and sunny boy. The best elder brother in the world!

Our love story with my husband has lasted for more than 20 years and every year it is getting more interesting and more tender. Vladimir is my great love, the most important critic and support.

I am a philologist by education and a writer in my heart. I draw illustrations for my books. I’m vegetarian, like the rest of my family. We meditate and practice yoga.

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Viktoriya Filina

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